Altitude International – The Product

Simulated Altitude Chambers

The simulated altitude product designs exclusively licensed from Sporting Edge UK are battle tested and scientifically proven. They cover a very wide range of room sizes featuring three unique elements.

  • Sophisticated Touch Screen control systems capable of successfully integrating the control of simulated altitude, temperature and humidity.
  • A unique design of Air Separation Unit allied to unique architecture and design features with only a single active part that provides for ultra-reliable operation and a design life of >15 years with exceptional performance capabilities.
  • Proven training protocols that specifically target the required improvement – power, speed, sprint, endurance – allowing the desired training benefits to be achieved.
Altitude International specializes in making simulated altitude chambers

Example of a small end system supplied to the University of Coventry

Along with the proven benefits to athletic performance, there is mounting scientific evidence that altitude exposure has a measurable positive impact on weight loss. There is also recent anecdotal evidence that a host of medical conditions including those characterized by diminished red blood cell counts, may be improved with the use of simulated altitude. Altitude International is committed to maintaining its leadership role in all altitude related research and commercial applications and is establishing relationships with leading medical and physiology experts to lead these potentially life-changing research and development efforts.

“The Products are fantastic and easy to operate, I would 100% recommend!”

Laura Needham, PhD, Physiologist, GB Boxing English Institute of Sport

Extreme Environmental Chambers 

Altitude International designs Extreme Environmental Chambers that provide the exact range of extreme temperatures, humidities, and oxygen levels that you desire. This capability allows our clients to simulate the conditions of a winter in Green Bay or Denver while training in Dallas or Arizona, or to simulate the tropical climate of Miami while training in Foxboro, MA. For many years our systems have led the world with increasingly sophisticated designs and applications, as can be seen and experienced in the world’s largest and most extreme chamber located at Nad Al Sheba in Dubai.

World's largets and most extreme altitude chamber located in Nad Al Sheba in Dubai.

Extreme Altitude / Environmental chamber training center located at Nad Al Sheba in Dubai.


The sophisticated control systems provide an intuitive Touch Screen interface with user friendly features and innovative designs that optimize power consumption.

Our Training protocols are unmatched in the world because they are backed by the latest scientific research and development. Athletes have the potential to gain remarkable benefits from sustained training in our altitude chambers.

Altitude International Altitude System Overview Control Panel
Extreme Altitude Chamber - Nad Al Sheba in Dubai

“The end result is extremely impressive, both in terms of performance and aesthetics and I would not use any other company for future installations”

Dr Chris Easton BSc, PhD, FHEA Reader in Exercise Physiology University of the West of Scotland