What is Altitude Training and How Does it Work?


At higher altitudes, typically above 7200’ (2200m), the human body reacts to the stress of reduced oxygen saturation by provoking certain physiological adaptations. A process called Hypoxia Induced Factors (HIF-1alpha) triggers the body to increase capillary/fiber ratio,  muscle fiber cross-section, mitochondrial density and enhance oxidative enzyme activity. These attributes cannot be achieved any other way than by exposure and training at altitude. The key is knowing how to create the consistent environment required and utilizing training protocols specifically designed to achieve the desired results. Altitude International are experts at both.

Altitude International Specialaizes in Building Altitude Training Systems

World Leading Environmental Chambers 


Altitude International will design your Environmental Chamber to provide the exact range of environments that you require.

The simultaneous and precise control of simulated altitude together with temperature and humidity pose challenges that are often not appreciated until too late.  Only Altitude International can offer full integrated systems. In addition, the requirement to produce environmental conditions that are as near to uniform as possible is critical to create the user experience desired and the conditions required for scientific experiment replication.

For many years Altitude International/Sporting Edge systems have led the world with increasingly sophisticated designs, as epitomized in the World’s largest and most extreme chamber located at Nad Al Sheba in Dubai.

The sophisticated control systems provide an intuitive Touch Screen interface with user friendly features and innovative designs that optimize power consumption.


Altitude International Altitude System Overview Control Panel

What Makes Altitude International Different?


Quality, Consistency and our People. Dedicated to exceeding your expectations, Altitude International works diligently to ensure that every client and user of Altitude International Systems receive the very best results attainable. For this to occur, the design and manufacture of our equipment must be flawless, taking into account your needs and constraints. Cutting edge and patented technology managed by ladder logic/feedback driven controllers deliver performance that cannot be attained by any other system. Another key to achieving the maximum benefits from altitude training is knowing and using the correct training protocols. The sports physiologists on the Altitude International team represent the world’s most experienced and best trained in this science. From the initial design of your system to the post sales support you will receive, no one else can deliver the Altitude International experience.


Altitude International AltitudeTraining for Olympic Teams