Taking  Horse Performance to its Highest Level

Equine performance studies illustrate remarkable results being achieved on the racetrack with horses being exposed to simulated altitude while at rest in the stable. Working with Woodway and its advanced treadmill technology, Altitude International has revolutionized this approach by adding active hypoxic training to target muscle groups – something not achievable with sleep-only regimes.

A recent Japanese equine study shows significant measurable gains in time to exhaustion for horses training on treadmills within reduced oxygen environments;  “Hypoxic training produced significant improvements in running distance and VO2 max”. This breakthrough new approach could be utilized by leading trainers in both thoroughbred and harness racing.

The Latest Study Confirms the Benefits of Altitude Training are as Significant in Horses as in Humans


Altitude Benefits to 'Bleeders' (EIPH) and Training Stresses

Reports and Studies

The following section provides links to a number of available studies. For additional information please contact us.